Our experienced staff will appraise your furs for insurance and replacement purposes.  These are different than getting a price to sell your garment. We inspect your garment and give you a written appraisal with the full details of your fur. Appraisals are only performed in person at our retail location.


Trade In & Trade Up

Your old fur coat could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars toward a new Fletcher Bensky Fur coat. So, if your old coat is too tight, too big, too heavy or just too old, this is the perfect opportunity to trade it in for something new and exciting. Come visit us today to find out what your fur coat is worth!



Professional storage every year is very important to maintain the longevity and beauty of your fur. Fletcher Bensky Furs provide professional storage vaults that are temperature and climate controlled shielding your fur from mildew, mold, moths or damage during the summer months.  Add on our exclusive conditioning treatment to maintain your fur's natural luster and the longevity of the garment.

Call to set up a free fur pickup appointment. We go to homes and businesses in Little Rock, Maumelle, North Little Rock, and Sherwood. Once the fur garment arrives on our premises, our fur experts will inspect your furs for any repairs.   

Please call us at 501-225-9000 for more info. 



Turn your outdated fur into something new and exciting!

A hidden treasure may be in your closet.  Be it an inherited fur or a piece that no longer fits or a style you're tired of. We can transform your fur into a fabulous reversible lined raincoat, trim a cloth or cashmere coat, or change an old mink coat into a beautiful sheared stroller. 

Fur is one of the few materials that can easily be restyled or altered. Whether you require a simple style change or a complete makeover, we have an experienced and skilled Master Furrier and the staff to see it through. Come in to Fletcher Bensky Furs for a complimentary evaluation and suggestion!



Furs should be conditioned annually. Normally, they do not look soiled but they still need conditioning to keep them soft & supple. This process beautifies your fur while conditioning the leather foundation of your garment. Conditioning your fur annually assures you years of enjoyment. We also accept UGGS for cleaning!